Managed Services for Business


Our business services are designed with risk mitigation, security, and business continuity at the heart of our strategy.

Managed IT Services (MITS)

Our Managed IT Services (MITS) program offers complete maintenance, protection, and remediation services for computers and servers within your network

How This Benefits Your Business

No More Maintenance Hassle

Now you no longer need to worry about managing your devices, performing maintenance, or patching updates. We provide your Antivirus, Backup, and Maintenance services and centrally manage all of your devices.

Less Liability

By passing on your IT services to trained professionals, not only do you get more time back for you and your employees, you additionally reduce liabilities caused by mistakes that result from 'Do-It-Yourself' situations.

Managed Network (MNI)

Our Managed Network Infrastructure (MNI) services offer simplified network options with hardened encryption and security, with a lifetime hardware guarantee and a 99% uptime guarantee.

How This Benefits Your Business

Eliminate Internet Outages

Our redundant routing solutions pair your existing internet connection with high-speed 4G LTE Wireless to ensure that even if your primary internet goes down, your business can continue to remain online and connected to your resources.

Hardened Security & Wifi Self Healing

Our specialized technology allows to custom build your network infrastructure while ensuring network security and Wifi Availability with our self healing mesh technology. We additionally can provide high speed guest networks with captive portal access to help you broadcast your brand to anyone connected.

Cloud VoIP Solutions

Our Cloud-Based VoIP Solutions with Dual Redundancy are built to ensure that your calls, texts, and voicemails are never missed again.

How This Benefits Your Business

Unified Communication

No more need to search records across multiple systems - Our unified connectivity dashboard allows you to answer calls, texts, and voicemails from your Desktop, Desk Phone, or from your Mobile phone, anywhere in the world. Each desk phone is built with 'Plug-and-Go' technology that allows you to set up shop just about anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud Redundancy + Technical Support

By hosting your entire phone system in the cloud, you no longer have to worry about securing and maintaining an on-site solution. We additionally provide all clients with First-Line Technical Support for all accounts. Spend less time waiting in queue for assistance and get fast response times when you need them.

Hardware Solutions

We offer custom built solutions to help your business reduce costs while maintaining optimal performance and the lowest cost to own.

How This Benefits Your Business

Lower Cost of Ownership

Every Workstation and Server we sell comes with a Gold-Standard 5-year warranty. By building all devices with enterprise standard hardware, we can guarantee 5+ years of life for all of our devices, beating the industry standard of 3 years.

Form Factors for Your Needs

Whether your outfitting a small office, or a full call center, we have Mini-PC, Workstation Tower, and Full Rack Server options to fit your infrastructure needs. We additionally performance test each model before deployment to ensure 100% quality assurance prior to leaving our facility.



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