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Our Managed IT Services (MITS) program offers complete maintenance, protection, and remediation services for computers and servers within your network.


Tackle your problems head on by addressing issues before they occur. Why wait for problems until it's too late?

Below are a list of our most commonly requested services.

Antivirus & Endpoint Security Solutions

Our security solutions ensure all attached devices are scanned and secured at all times.

How This Benefits Your Business

Protection Against the Malicious

By ensuring that each of your devices has a robust security solution, you can effectively mitigate malware and ransomware risks from USB Devices, Internet Downloads, and User Activity that may cause problems within your network.

Protection Against Prying Eyes

Our endpoint encryption solutions ensure all fixed hard drives are encrypted, and recovery keys are managed in an off-site secure location to prevent deeper attacks from being successful

Backup Services

Document and System Coverage for Every Scenario. Stored in two locations or more at all times.

How This Benefits Your Business

Recovery Becomes Easy

Building a backup plan and ensuring that you have backups of your critical business data is imperative to ensuring your best chance of recovery if your business is hit by ransomware, or suffers a major data loss event. Our recovery services can get you back online, restoring as little as a few files, to full virtual machines to bare metal or virtual systems.

Reduce Remediation Times

Sometimes the quickest option to fix a broken system is to roll the device back to a point in time when it was in a last-known working condition. This can save hours of downtime for both the client and for the provider, allowing for lower costs to fix issues.

Email Filtering & Retention

Eliminate spam and email threats and maintain tamper-proof records of everything.

How This Benefits Your Business

Email Filtering & Retention

The Number #1 Cause of Ransomware and Malware breaches is phishing and spam emails. Our filtering engine allows you to keep your users secure while still giving them access to quarantined items in a daily digest to ensure nothing gets missed by mistake.

Compliance for Specialized Industries

To help businesses stay compliant, we also provide email archiving services with encryption options to allow for secure communications with your clients.

Live Install Approval from Technical Support

Allow users to get live approval for new programs or installs to reduce Tickets submitted to IT.

How This Benefits Your Business

No More Waiting for IT to Approve Installs

Our integrated software allows for your staff to automatically get approval to install line-of-business applications and live request installation from IT for other applications not on the approved whitelist.

No More Admin Accounts

To ensure that malicious users can't leverage accounts to move across your network and access system-critical resources, we eliminate administrator privileges from all accounts and centralize security on a case-per-case basis to ensure nothing slips by.

Managed Risk Monitoring

Proactive scanning for exposed sensitive data on your devices and in your network.

How This Benefits Your Business

Detect Security Vulnerabilities Early

Our scanning tools will provide an additional layer of protection for your devices and your network for any software or operating systems with open vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. This is commonly used in Medical, Legal, and Financial industries to meet compliance guidelines for security scanning and auditing.

Reduce Risk & Secure Exposed Data

Not only do we scan each endpoint, but we utilize each endpoint to probe the network for exposed data visible to that system. Put together, we can generate a report of all exposed information to either destroy, or move to a secure location for long term storage to mitigate risk of exposed private information.

Secure Password Management & Auditing

Randomize every password, skip every login, track password knowledge, and end malicious logins.

How This Benefits Your Business

Skip Remembering Passwords

Our tool takes care of remembering the passwords for each of your websites, and allows you to randomly generate passwords and save them at a moment's notice. Additionally, our tool will automatically populate your username and password, and can even automatically log you in so you never see the login page.

Know Who Has Seen Sensitive Passwords

Sometimes you have to be wary of rogue staff or partners that may seek to cause harm. Our powerful auditing reports allow us to see every single time a password record is exposed to the user's eye for viewing to ensure that we can track who knows what passwords, and what passwords need to be changed when a user leaves an organization.

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We spend about 13 minutes every day waiting for our computer to complete tasks. On average, this is costing you over $3655.95/year per employee in losses.

The #1 Most common entry point for ransomware is a clicked-on attachment or link in an email. A proper email filter and staff training can prevent these attacks.

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