Need to upgrade your RAM? System running slow from old Applications? We can help you clean out your device to ensure you are running at optimal performance.

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Our team can help you upgrade, repair, clean, or replace your current computer to help you stay online, all the time.


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Many Windows 7 Installations are eligible for a free Windows 10 upgrade. You may not need to re-purchase your license if you wish to perform this upgrade. (Residential Only)
Pre-Service Backups help to ensure that your data is never lost during an upgrade procedure. It is recommended, but not required. | Continued Backup Services and Managed Antivirus Protection services are part of our Residential IT service plans or can be purchased separately.
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If you're interested in Antivirus, Backup, or Residential IT Services, this can help us to gauge what plans may be best for you.
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We've eliminated the need for trips to the computer shop. Our staff will remotely monitor and manage your PC, and will come right to your home to perform repairs if necessary.


We'll start the process of building your account and get in contact with you as soon as this is completed.

We'll give you a follow-up call to confirm account details and send off the custom-built installer via Email!

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This is the number of WINDOWS computers in your household. We do not provide services for Mac devices.
We offer discounted rates for our service plans depending on whether or not you choose to sign on for a long-term agreement with us. Monthly prices listed above are billed on a per-device basis. There is a $25 fee for deployment on month-to-month accounts.
We will require a copy of your ID if you are a veteran or first responder to authorize any discounts.
Note: These add-ons will incur an additional cost to your plan. WEB CONTENT PROTECTION offers additional control over your device, protecting you from malicious websites while also allowing you to control what your device can access online. RANSOMWARE PROTECTION offers a hightened protection against threats, but does not offer a guarantee of protection. This protection is useful in situations where Power Users may need to download developer resources that may contain questionable files. FULL HARD DRIVE BACKUP services allow you to recover the entire hard drive image, meaning that we can rebuild your computer from the ground up with a virtual image, instead of just recovering ONLY your files upon device failure, allowing you to pick up right where you left off.