Get IT Support in 5 Minutes or Less

We know you can buy your IT services just about anywhere. That's why we give a FIVE minute guarantee for our response times.

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Managed IT Services

We offer several layers of Managed IT protection to ensure that you never "put your eggs in one basket".

About Us

Founded in April of 2017, Falls Technology Group started as Reiffenberger.NET Technology Solutions. Our initial goal was to provide a higher standard of residential care, however since then we've evolved into a full-scale managed service provider for both residential and business clients alike.

Our Managed IT Services provide you everything you need to protect your computers and users, with 5-minute NOC support to ensure you can get back to your work quickly.

Our Team of Engineers

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your service delivery is quality assured, and remains as friendly as the Midwest can offer.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Below we've listed our testimonials that we've received over the years of being in business.

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