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Let's Take Over The Internet Together.

The Fastest Web Host in South Dakota

Our servers are engineered to provide lightning fast response times that match the accelerated professional support provided by our team.

*We Migrate All WordPress Websites for FREE!

"Extremely helpful with our biz site..."

"They always go above and beyond..."

"Super knowledgeable, great service, prompt..."

"Professional, reasonable, and, knowledgable!"

Unimpressed by GoDaddy? Us Too.

We've built out our own caching system, optimized our support, and simplified our online portal to make sure that navigating, designing, and hosting, are even easier than programming your coffee pot. Get A Faster Website TODAY >>

Need Something Special? We've Got You Covered.

Below are our various different plans. Each set of plans has special features designed to make your life easier and your wallet thicker.

Shared Web Hosting

Host Your Website on SSD-Powered Servers.

Reseller Web Hosting

Host Your Own Designs for your clients on their dime.

Premium Web Design

We can rebuild your existing site, or create a new one.

Protection Services

Backup or Secure Your Website from Online Threats.

Unleash Your Company Potential Through
Introspective, Human Web Design

Our team works hard to capture the brand ethos and vision of your business through beautiful, responsive web design and midwestern customer care that makes GoDaddy look like robots (beep boop). We're all humans here, we promise.

See For Yourself

Our skills range from portfolio sites, to healthcare offices, referral groups, non-profits, and more.

Sioux Falls Referral Group

The Movement - Sioux Falls

Paradis Chiropractic & Rehab

We'll Pamper You With Every Plan

We never hold the best features behind a pay wall.
Our goal is to ensure that you have acces to top-quality equipment and serving hardware right out of the gate.

SSD Infrastructure

We never settle for spinners. Only Solid State Technology.

National Infrastructure

We've got servers all over the United States.

24x7 Tech Support

We're always available for you for support.

SSL Standard

We'll never give you a plan without an SSL Certificate.