After weeks under fire – Zoom’s response to their encryption debacle is Version 5.0.

The Video Conferencing Company Zoom has been under fire in the last couple weeks due to some weaknesses that were found in their platform relating to encryption.

Security Researches in March discovered a vulnerability in Zoom that allowed the company itself to access unencrypted footage from these feeds. While communications remained encrypted outside of Zoom, many questions arose as to why this content wasn’t encrypted within Zoom Platforms. 

With millions of people around the world using Zoom to work from home to slow the spread of COVID-19, business has never been better for the company. This, in turn, has caused more scrutiny in their privacy practices, including a policy that was later updated that seemed to give the company permission to harvest messages and files that were shared during meetings for the purposes of ad targeting.

The biggest thing about Zoom that has made it so successful is the ease of use that comes with the product. After talking with many of our clients, the overwhelming majority have come back and said that they would continue using Zoom, despite security risks involved. It just goes to show that people want platforms that are intuitive in design, and aren’t needlessly complicated.

This, however, does not solve Zoom’s problem, and they’ve had to answer with frequent updates to their application. After acquiring the company Keybase, a security company, they have made drastic changes to their application, including adding in a new encryption algorithm to help fix these problems.


With the release of Zoom Version 5.0x, users can expect a few different things, as listed on the Zoom website:

  1. AES 256-bit GCM Encryption is now available
  2. User Reporting for Misuse
  3. New Encryption Icon
  4. Enhanced Datacenter Information
  5. Enhancements to Ending/Leaving Meetings

While it is still yet to be determined if these changes will be satisfactory for their userbase, it has been overwhelmingly impressive how well Zoom has handled this situation. From letters directly from their Executive Offices, to fast-acting development teams and the quick evolvement into a parent company for Keybase really has shown that Zoom is ready to do what it takes to step up and continue to better their product.

The next step to ensuring that companies can remain secure is to ensure that updates are pushed across your organization. After May 30th, Zoom will no longer be allowing out-dated clients to connect to their platform without first receiving the v5.0 update. Our company provides software management services to help you and your organization stay ahead of the curve and keep these latest updates available for you same-day.

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