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Learn exactly how your website is performing and get actionable results to help you optimize your website for the best SEO and Technical Performance. Our team will perform a scan on your website that we will then meet with you to discuss. We will go over every line item, and help you find ways to improve your overall performance.

Why Does Any Of This Matter?..

A Report As Simple As 1, 2, 3

To understand how to improve your website performance, we first have to break the scan down into three sections.

Website Security Scan

The website security scan covers the most common security components necessary for various websites and web applications. This report covers DNS items, Email Items, and Web App Items.

Domain Email Health Check

The Domain Email Health Check runs configuration checks for your email records to ensure that you have an appropriately configured infrastructure that will properly deliver and receive email for your organization.

Website Speed Test

The Website Speed Test is a performance review that covers things like the first appearance of resources on your website, the load speeds of the resources that people need to see, and the size of the request. This report is particularly important as it is the foremost component that determines whether or not someone will stay on your website, or 'bounce', leaving before they ever get to convert.

Let's Run The Numbers

It wouldn't make any sense for us to talk about an audit if you didn't know why it was necessary. To show exactly how this can impact you, we've pulled together some numbers to showcase why these different technologies are important, and why having them configured correctly is even more so.

More Than
Of Websites Implement SPF Security to filter against spam.
Since June 2021
Of Website Visitors Use Google To Search For What They Need.
More Than
Of All Emails Sent On The Internet Are Classified As Spam.
Reports Show
Of Website Visitors Will Leave A Website if The Load Time is >2 sec.

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