We've eliminated the need for trips to the computer shop. Our staff will remotely monitor and manage your PC, and will come right to your home to perform repairs if necessary.

Weekly Maintenanance

We ensure that your system is up to date, secured, and covered by a professional-grade malware protection engine. We'll also ensure your system drivers and Windows Updates are as current as they can be.

How This Benefits You

No More Update Interruptions

We take over when your Windows and Software updates take place on your system, and ensure that we schedule your updates during low activity times to ensure your projects remain uninterrupted.

Increased Performance

By performing routine and frequent maintenance, we can ensure that your device remains updated, functional, and performs admirably.

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No More Lost Files

We're on a mission to eliminate ransomware and data loss. To help, we provide document backup services for every device, covering up to 144 of the most common file types, including Adobe Files, Office Files, Quickbooks Files, and more.

How This Benefits You

Peace of Mind

Know that no matter what happens, you've got a rolling 30-day recovery window to restore accidentally deleted documents, fix corrupted files, or recover lost information.

No Complicated Setup

We take over 100% of your backup management, and can simply contact us if you need to recover something. We simplify things with a flat recovery fee, and can help you recover critical info from ransomware attacks.

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Increase Device Life by 2-4 Years

With vigilant monitoring and consistent maintenance, we can ensure that the longevity of your device is the highest priority. On average, we're able to get customers 2-4 more years worth of service out of their device!

How This Benefits You

Lowered Cost of Ownership

By increasing the longevity of the device, you're in-turn reducing the overall cost to own. If you're spending $1000 for a computer that lasts 3 years, that's $333/year. If it lasts for 5, it's only $200/year.

Reduced Family Expenses

No longer do you have to continuously replace broken devices, or call for expensive service visits to have your child-addled PC's taken care of. We're happy to help manage your devices.

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Friendly Help Desk Support

Our help desk team is well-trained to help you with any problems you may be having. Short of replacing hardware or software, our team will do everything in their power to help you with any general service requests you may have.

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With our residential services, you have the ability to hit F4 or Click 'Get Support' on your desktop at any time and you'll be placed in queue for service with a technician.


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