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Sliding Scale Strategy

Option 1: Build Yourself

While building a website yourself may seem intimidating at first, we provide you the ability to single-click deploy WordPress to get you started with a fantastic building tool that can get your online presence established.

Option 2: Build In-House

We have an in-house design team that can build you a website based on a number of different packages that we have available. We can help you establish something as simple as a landing page, or build out a full feature website. Your choice!

Option 3: Brand Specialist

Sometimes you need more than just a website. If your whole brand just feels out of sorts, and you're not sure where to start, you can hire a Brand Specialist to help you determine the best road forward, and solidify your brand identity.

Build Your Own Website

Get your own hosting and build your own website using one of over 186 different pre-deployable website frameworks including WordPress, OpenCart, Yetiforce CRM, and more.

Minimalist Plan

Our Minimalist Plan is perfect for the home project, or casual blog on the side. We include everything you need to get your website online and ready.

Starting $4.95/month

Technical Details

SSD Storage: 1.25 GB
Priority Bandwidth: 12.5 GB
Databases: 1
Subdomains: 0
Email Accounts: 1

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Startup Plan

Our Startup Plan is a great pick for medium-sized websites, or sites that experience medium amounts of traffic. More Tools = More Power

Starting $17.82/month

Technical Details

SSD Storage: 5 GB
Priority Bandwidth: 50 GB
Databases: 4
Subdomains: 3
Email Accounts: 5

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Basic Plan

Our Basic Plan is perfect for a home ecommerce site, or the small business getting started. Ideal for boosting your available resources.

Starting $9.90/month

Technical Details

SSD Storage: 2.5 GB
Priority Bandwidth: 25 GB
Databases: 3
Subdomains: 2
Email Accounts: 3

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Growth Plan

Our Growth Plan is our largest plan available, giving you a starting size of 10 GB of content storage, and the flexibility to grow as large as you need.

Starting $29.70/month

Technical Details

SSD Storage: 10 GB
Priority Bandwidth: 100 GB
Databases: 5
Subdomains: 4
Email Accounts: 10

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Demo Plan

Our Demo Plan gives you a solid 45 days to try out our product, and you can upgrade at any time. Build Your Dream Site TODAY!

Free for 45 Days

Technical Details

SSD Storage: 1.25 GB
Priority Bandwidth: 12.5 GB
Databases: 1
Subdomains: 0
Email Accounts: 1

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Metered Plan

Our Metered Plan is our most flexible plan available, offering metered services to allow your cost to scale with your services automatically.

Starting $9.90/month

Technical Details

SSD Storage: 2.5 GB+
Priority Bandwidth: 25GB+
Databases: 3+
Subdomains: 2+
Email Accounts: 5+

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Have FTG Build Your Site

In addition to included hosting, we can build and maintain your website on your behalf, allowing you to sit back and relax while our team handles the technical details.

  • E-Commerce Options Available
  • Visitor Membership System Available
  • 4-Week Average Design Time
  • Fully SSL Secured
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Powered By WordPress
  • Free App Integration
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Hire A Brand Specialist

Sometimes before you can build or rebuild your website, you need to get back to the fundamentals. Hiring a Brand Specialist can help you position yourself properly from start to finish, with a process that usually starts with a brand review, and ends up with a full brand toolkit and a website for your business or brand.

  • Sites Hosted on FTG Servers
  • Dedicated Branding Specialist
  • Content Curation Options
  • Graphic Design Options
  • Logo Design Options
  • Free SSL Included
  • Free Malware Scanning
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